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Vanessa Davis


First Lady Vanessa Davis is a submitted and virtuous woman of God who has a profound passion for the Lord. Simply put, she is just a servant of the Lord who is sold out for Jesus Christ. She is a native of Sumter, South Carolina and a graduate of Benedict College.


She is the founder of Mother’s Day, Incorporated. The vision for Mother’s Day, Inc. was given to her on March 23, 2002 while experiencing the challenges of being a first-time mother. After listening to concerns from other mothers who were experiencing the same, she was inspired to begin Mother’s Day, Inc. This vision has expanded and Mother’s Day, Inc. continues to be a strong support system for mothers at Word of God Church & Ministries and the community. At the beginning of 2012, the Lord led Lady Davis to change the name of Mother's Day, Inc. to M.O.M. which stands for Mothers on a Mission.  The name was changed due to the urgent needs of Mothers in the church and community and the increased missions required to minister to those needs. 

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She is also developer and host of Word of God Church & Ministries women's conference, The Submitted Woman.


Lady Davis was appointed to lead our Women's Ministry, T.I.T.U.S (Transforming Issues Through United Sisterhood) because of her love and concern for the healing, growth, and empowerment of women. Coupled with this vision is S.I.S.T.E.R.S. (Sisters In Spiritual Transition Empowered for Righteousness Sake), which was the theme for the first T.I.T.U.S. Women's Conference. This leg of the ministry will focus on teaching women the importance of becoming and remaining their“sister’s keeper”.

Among her many accomplishments, Lady Davis believes her true calling and, primary purpose, is to be a support to her husband in ministry and to raise her children by living a Godly life before them.

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