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What Are We?

A non-denominational, Christ-centered, Bible-based Seminary, called to serve the body of Christ. 

Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 2 Timothy 2:15

To equip the body of Christ for the work

of the ministry to advance the Kingdom

of God through sound, biblical,

theological education and training. 


Our purpose is to empower the body of Christ through theological education and training to do the work of the ministry; and to promote spiritual growth and personal maturity, empowering believers to live a more prosperous and victorious life in Christ. 


We offer Affordable Ecclesiastical Degree Programs:

Associates  Bachelors

    Masters  Doctorate

in Biblical Studies, Ministry & Theology

Classes offered through evening and weekend

sessions on Word of God Church campuses. 

Associate's Programs

Associate of Biblical Studies (AA BS)


Bachelor's Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies (BA BS)

Bachelor of Arts in Ministry (BA Min)

Bachelor of Arts in Theology (BA Th)

(Requires at least 24 Credit Hours in Ministry or Theology and a 35 Page Thesis)

Master's Programs

Master's of Biblical Studies (MA BS)

Masters of Arts in Ministry (MA Min)

Master's of Arts in Theology (MA Th)

Requires at least 9 Credit Hours in Ministry or Theology and a 50 Page Thesis

We Also Offer A Certificate Program

For Those Not Seeking A Degree


Seminar Curriculums

Ministry Certificates

Conference & Seminar Teaching

Ministry Credentialing

  • Bible Survey

  • Being Successful in Ministry

  • Ecclesiology: History of the Church

  • Eschatology: The End Time Events

  • Sovereignty of God

  • The Trinity

  • Attributes of God

  • Theology: The Doctrine of God

  • Doctrine of Sin The Blood Covenant 

Designed as tools for training Sunday School Teachers, Church Leaders, Ministers and personal spiritual growth and development. 



Word of God Bible Institute

119 Diamond Lane

Columbia, S.C.

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