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S.P.A.R.CS. Youth Department

Parental Permission Letter

Dear Parent or Guardian:


The Word of God Youth Ministry (S.P.A.R.CS.) would like to inform you of our Wednesday Night Chat Bible Study Forum. 


In an effort to add variety and foster closer relationships among peers, S.P.A.R.CS. has developed Wednesday Night Chat Bible Study.  Chat is conducted the second Wednesday of every month using an age appropriate format.  During this time our children are separated by grade and gender into the following groups: 


Boys Grades: (2nd - 5th) (6th-8th) (9th-12th)

Girls Grades: (2nd - 5th) (6th-8th) (9th-12th)


Each group has at least one adult leader assigned whose purpose is to generate spiritual discussions on topics that both affect and interest our youth.  We felt it proper to inform you that a variety of topics that interest our youth will lead to a wide range of discussions.  Some discussions will involve mature subject matter; however, group leaders have been informed to limit mature topics to the two high school groups grades 9 – 12. 


These are not counseling sessions nor do any leaders operate in the capacity of counselors.  We will work cooperatively with parents should any child divulge information that needs to be brought to your immediate attention.  In order for your child to participate in the group discussions they must have the permission form below submitted by a parent or guardian.  Again, you the parent must submit the form, not the child.


Should you have any questions or desire further information, please call me at 803-553-7955 or email me at:  Please, keep this letter after completing the form below.


Here to Serve,


Denetra S. Shine

S.P.A.R.CS. Youth Administrator

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