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2019 FLOOD

Pray and Support

our family in 

Sierra Leone

in this time

of crisis

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Word of God Church & Ministries Sierra Leone had its first service on the 10th of January 2010. In 2013, we were able to open primary and junior secondary schools, followed by the opening of Stone Ground Word of God Church Branch, registration of the church with Freetown City Council and also became full paid registered member of Pentecostal Fellowship of Sierra Leone and Evangelic Fellowship of Sierra Leone. 

From Pastor Thomas MJ Coker:

"With collective minds of the members of Word of God Church & Ministries Sierra Leone, I wish to thank God Cares Charities Foundation of Word of God Church & Ministries of which Bishop Eric W. Davis is the President and Pastor Drayton Shepherd Director for their tremendous support during the breakout of the deadly Ebola virus for sending us a helping hand to the guarantee homes and centres". 

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Pastor, Dr. Thomas MJ Coker


WOGCM Sierra Leone is grateful to have been successful in opening a school to help the needy in the society. The church has always been a home for those fleeing turmoil and deprivations. The arms of this ministry are always open to welcome others and to live together as brothers and sisters in Christ. It is not by accident that we find ourselves now in the WOG Family and it is not by chance that we are speedily growing; it is as a result of our total commitment to the things of God.

In 2015, we also strived hard to open two branches of Word of God CM in Kenema Town at Blama Road and Nyandiama Section in the Eastern Province of the Republic of Sierra Leone.

Fellow Christians, for too long we have allowed the devil to gain access in the facets of our society. It is imperative for us to restore the dignity and prestige that we have lost. We must therefore not allow the corrupt practices of men to hold our faith to ransom. Let truth and honesty inform the choices we make so that our actions will promote spiritual standards of a true believer. Therefore, arise Word of God Church & Ministries, you have nothing to lose; You have everything to gain. God Bless you all! God Bless WOGCM! God Bless Sierra Leone!

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