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Call into the Word of God Prayer Chain-ge Line Monday through Saturday at 10:00 AM.

  • Prayer Chain-ge Call Number: 425-585-7886

  • Please remember to immediately PLACE YOUR PHONES ON MUTE to eliminate background noise, and DO NOT ANNOUNCE YOURSELF when you join the call.

T-Mobile & Metro PCS carriers may charge a fee when you call the prayer line. To avoid being charged this fee, dial (209) 399-9013 first. When the recording asks for the phone number we use for prayer, enter (425) 585-7886. It may also mention an access code, but that doesn't apply here. Instead hit the # key, and you will automatically enter the call.

Each of us has a responsibility to be intercessors. Please take a moment to set your alarms as a reminder to join the Prayer Chain-ge calls daily.

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