The Word of God Prayer Chain-ge Line has begun again! 

*NEW TIME* Call into the Word of God Prayer Chain-ge Line Monday through Saturday at 10am.

Our conference provider, has been inundated with calls, as their service is also being used abroad in Italy and China. Because noon is the most popular phone meeting time and has the most interference, they suggested we choose a different time of day.  Our prayer is that the time change below will enable more people to call in with less interference.  Please take note that starting 3/21/20:

  • Prayer Chain-ge Call Number: 425-585-7886

  • New Call Time:  10:00 AM Monday through Saturday

  • Prayer Chain-ge Duration:  Until Further Notice

  • Please remember to PLACE YOUR PHONES ON MUTE when you join the call to eliminate background noise and DO NOT ANNOUNCE YOURSELF.

T-Mobile & Metro PCS carriers charged a fee in the past when calling the prayer line. To eliminate having to pay the fee, dial this backup number first (425) 535-9187. The recording will ask for the phone number we've used for prayer in the past (425) 585-7886. It also mentions an access code but that doesn't apply here. Hit # and you will automatically be entered into the call.

Please remember to mute your phones immediately as soon as you get on the call. PLEASE DO NOT announce yourself as you get on the call.


Each of us has a responsibility to be intercessors. Please take a moment now to set your alarms to join the calls!