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Admissions Evaluations

Please keep in mind that the Application, Assessment Test and Essay must be completed as part of the Admissions process.

Biblical Assessment 

Once the application has been submitted with your application fee, please be sure to contact the administrative office to schedule a time for the proctored biblical assessment. Please find the contact information below. The assessment test will take approximately one-hour to complete on the campus site and will be used to assess placement and potential credit hours awarded.



Each applicant must complete a 2-3 page, single-spaced, typed essay answering the following questions in the outline below. Any submissions that do not adhere to the length requirement stated above will not be accepted for review.

I. Brief Introduction

  • Based on your purpose/call from the Lord, what is the vision of ministry that God has given you?

  • How will training specifically at WOGBI help you fulfill this vision?

II. Previous Theological Studies/ Training

  • Please briefly describe any previous theological training, courses, licensure, etc. that you have acquired.


III. Significant Life Events

  • Please briefly describe your relationship history with Christ: Conversion to Christ, Major Challenges/Turning Points in spiritual development. 

  • Briefly describe how you maintain your relationship with Christ (Spiritual disciplines, devotions, worship, etc.)  

IV. Christian/ Ministry Experience

  • Please briefly describe your experience in a leadership role (Ministry or Vocational).

  • How has your personality, gifting and experiences shaped you as a leader?  


Word of God Bible Institute

119 Diamond Lane

Columbia, S.C.

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